Retail trade

ROQQIO | 02 November 2020

The Omnichannel dealer ROSE Bikes becomes a sales platform. This gives customers access to a much wider, but carefully selected, range of bicycle-related products. And manufacturers benefit from a strong partner that offers them a considerable reach. The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud works in the background to ensure that everything runs smoothly. ROQQIO Managing Director Mario Raatz explains how.

ROQQIO | 28 October 2020

Stationary retail has struggled more and more in recent years: a shift towards e-commerce resulted in decreasing visitor numbers and a drop in sales. This development reached a sad climax with the coronavirus lockdown. But voices calling for digitalisation to save the retail sector have been getting louder for some time. What is the future of stationary retail? What potential does digitalisation have? What kind of stores do customers want to see in city centres?

ROQQIO | 22 June 2020

Customer retention is more cost-effective than acquiring new customers. In addition: Regular customers are enormously important for retail companies because they ensure regular sales and free advertising if they are happy and recommend your business to others.

Markus Mueller | 27 January 2020

Shopping is one of the most important activities in retail, but it does not always play a role in everyday working life. However, with the right handling, enormous potential for success can be realised here.

Johannes Schick | 20 January 2020

The ongoing digitalisation of everyday life has led people to organise their lives via a smartphone or the click of a computer mouse. This raises the question of why anyone should actually get up from their sofa to go on a shopping trip to the next city – a real paradigm shift.

Till Konstanty | 26 February 2019

The use of the right software shows that companies with a large dealer network do not have to suffer from digitisation.

Authorship | 30 January 2019

Centralised software for all processes of modern commerce was supposed to meet the complex requirements of end-customer logistics.

Doris Rasch | 28 January 2019

Good times: Shopping can be done in the 25hours Hotel directly in the hotel room. 

Doris Rasch | 26 January 2019

Read the interview and take a shopping tour with blogger Jennifer Casimiro. 

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