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Inventory management
for retail

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Manage areas, network channels

Automated processes for smooth procurement of goods

Our invetory management manages the supply of your areas with goods and takes over the company-wide control of goods largely automatically. The basis for this are the specifications you have defined. Article stocks are determined exactly. The system automatically reorders goods that should always be in stock (NOS articles) or suggests transfers from other branches. A quick warning system sends e-mails to discrepancies or errors. The structured and automated processes of ROQQIO inventory management save time in planning and daily inventory management.

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Central management of all relevant data

Whether customer or sales data - the merchandise management system becomes your central data hub. The article master data, from the article number to the article description and the article image, can be played out at various customer touchpoints. As an inventory management system, merchandise management also determines which branch has a desired article in stock or, in the case of chain stores with an online shop, from which branch an article should be shipped.

Inventory management uses all EDI message types for electronic communication, such as PRICAT (article master data), ORDERS (orders), ORDRSP (order confirmations), DESADV (delivery notifications and supplier returns) and RECADV (goods receipt notifications).

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The most important numbers at a glance

The inventory management system's statistics and reporting tool allows you to analyze company data in real time. Many standard reports are already stored. Individual reports can be created as needed. This allows you to keep an eye on your key figures and integrate the results into your processes.

The evaluation is carried out as standard via the data warehouse or - optically and functionally optimized - via dashboard. This allows data from inventory management and other company sources to be merged and presented in a graphically appealing way.

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Connected Sales Channels

In order to enable your customers to have a smooth customer journey across all channels, the systems must be networked in the background. Our inventory management system makes such omnichannel processes possible through the real-time connection of other systems, e.g. for data transmission to the web shop. In addition, there is a central automated administration and distribution of the available stocks and stocks to be reordered. Our inventory management thus supports the networking of your company's sales channels, stationary and online.

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Control the flow of goods optimally

the correct goods
in the right quantity
at the right time
in the right place

Linking of all online and offline channels

Digitization of the trading world

E-commerce is constantly gaining in importance, but local retail also remains relevant - if it manages to react to modern customer demands. Link your online and offline channels to create a seamless customer journey!

This is possible with the help of our innovative IT systems. This allows you to map omnichannel functions such as click & collect and click & reserve, for example.

The advantages of omnichannel

Attracting loyal customers
Higher sales
More customers
High customer satisfaction

Keep track of things with dashboards

With our inventory management, you can manage all back office processes such as organizing the receipt of goods or goods returns, customer administration or controlling. All data is stored and evaluated in your inventory management system. With a dashboard, you can convert company data into clear analyzes that are available in real time, whether stationary or mobile. With the help of graphically prepared evaluations and individual reports, you can keep an eye on your KPIs live and make your company's potential visible. Extended evaluation possibilities result from the integration of data from additional sources, such as e.g. from financial accounting or the web shop. This will give you clarity for future strategies.

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Advantages of inventory management

Internationally applicable
real-time data
From the cloud

Professional tool for fashion and more


Special features for fashion, lifestyle & sport

We already took the special requirements of the fashion industry into account when we were developing our inventory management system. The system even specializes in functions related to processing different colours, sizes, lengths or cup sizes. The functional depths can, of course, also be used for other commercial items such as furniture, home textiles, electronics and many more. With the systems from ROQQIO, your entire branch network is ready to deliver to your customers quickly.

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