Smart solutions for all omnichannel processes



Planning, procurement, control: ROQQIO Retail is a goods management system with special strengths in fashion, sports, and lifestyle.

Like your right hand

With ROQQIO RETAIL, you benefit from a sophisticated system. Product management makes suggestions for everything from stock transfers to price changes and repeat orders. When planning your new purchases, using comparison periods can make it much easier for you to stay within limits.

Automated reminders

ROQQIO Retail supports your work with event management. The system detects unplanned situations and notifies you. Keep your mind clear for the essentials.

Real-time use

With ROQQIO Retail, you can manage millions of items and track where they're going. Connect the webshop too. You can also use the real-time connection for other systems that you want to link to ROQQIO RETAIL.

Stay unique!

The processes in ROQQIO Retail can be customized. Full update capability is retained. Define the appropriate workflows for your business processes.

  • Ready for omnichannel: Connect webshops with a universal webshop interface
  • Fast: Use the electronic data exchange EDI and save additional time
  • Available: Quickly migrate into rotating branches with product management



Certified POS for branches: ROQQIO POS is a central turntable between stationary and online trading. 

On your marks, get set, pay! 

With clear icons and a few clicks, your salespeople can quickly operate the ROQQIO POS. Who your customer is and what they have already bought at other branches - all this information can easily be found at the POS. The data is always up to date. And the variety of affiliated payment service providers leaves nothing to be desired.

Signed and Sealed

The ROQQIO cash register stands for certified software. The certificate according to the IDW PS 880 standard confirms that ROQQIO POS, if used properly, allows for accounting in accordance with the principles of proper accounting. Among other things, the processing functions, the process documentation, and the effectiveness of program functions are checked.

Free track for omnichannel

ROQQIO POS supports your omnichannel business with real-time data. This is good for webshop connections, loyalty systems, and mobile payment modules. This makes the ROQQIO POS omnichannel.

Wonderfully central 

Centralised management automatically synchronises all changes in the system. Use Live Monitoring to find out whether new items have arrived in all branches. There
is a user-defined authorisation system to ensure nothing goes wrong.

  • Across sectors: Can be used in any sector (non-food), in one or a hundred branches

  • International: Expand with different languages, currency, and fiscal services worldwide

  • Binding: Retain customers with gift cards, coupons, couponing and loyalty systems


ROQQIO Commerce Cloud

Control centre for all e-business processes: The Commerce Cloud combines trade, dispatch, warehousing, and logistics processes in one central system.

Making everything easier

Our software is conveniently located in the cloud, reducing the number of systems needed. The Commerce Cloud SaaS platform serves as a central hub that connects and automates all relevant ebusiness processes.

Are you ready to go?

We make your ERP ready for e-commerce. Due to its modular structure, the Commerce Cloud adapts exactly to existing systems and expands the infrastructure with missing functionalities. As a comprehensive control centre, the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud connects, for example, online shops or marketplaces via the order management system with logistics or payment service providers.

Make it easy!

The modular diversity of the Commerce Cloud also increases your entrepreneurial flexibility. You can access different tools as needed. Realise short time-to-market cycles.

Let the cash register ring

We take the complexity of the business through the various channels. The platform makes the entire e-commerce world look like a sales channel compared to the POS and the ERP. This does not change when further sales channels are added. Trading becomes profitable for you.

  • Adaptable: Connect shop systems and marketplaces as required and supply each with suitable item data and prices
  • Clear: View all stock online with a virtual stock level
  • Cross-channel: Harmonisation of all information and data for existing system landscapes



ROQQIO Instore App

Mobile customer service and branch processes: Navigate ROQQIO instore app branch processes with a smartphone.

Don´t be afraid of inventories!

Your employees can scan location/place barcodes with a smartphone camera or an additional scanner module. Scan codes can also be manually entered. Of course, you can always correct the quantities, or delete the inventory set.

Look forward to new collections!

Are the goods there? Your sales representatives can immediately enter the delivery note number, select suppliers, enter barcodes and quantities, and much more with an app. Then they simply forward all data to the backend.

Gain points with click & reserve

With the Click & Reserve option, customers can reserve items in the store and buy them there, after viewing or fitting. The availability of goods is then secured for your customer. Your sales staff have the opportunity to generate more turnover with additional sales.

Open for more!

The ROQQIO instore app is designed to support a wide variety of business processes. This includes customer acquisition, stock transfers and purchase orders as well as price changes on the app.

  • Compatible: The ROQQIO Instore App runs on iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Safe: Connect a configuration entry with a branch server for data exchange.
  • Buffered: Data is held locally on the mobile device until it is transmitted.
  • Online features: Use Click & Reserve in store.



Company data in view: ROQQIO BI conveniently analyses all the important company data.

Keep an eye on business development

The data from the ROQQIO solutions (orders, goods receipts, goods transfer, sales from stationary cash registers) or third-party systems (webshop, CRM) are collected and processed in ROQQIO BI. The evaluation can be graphically displayed on the ROQQIO BI business intelligence tool. With the dashboard, company data is also conveniently available on the tablet in other locations.

  • Intelligent: Informative graphics
  • Current: Real-time analysis
  • Present: Stationary and mobile data availability

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