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The e-commerce

control center


All e-commerce processes in one platform

More than a middleware

Our e-commerce solution acts as Middleware+. It does more than just connecting heterogeneous systems. Because our e-commerce solution also supports the business logic related to order management, payment, returns management and many other essential processes.

Due to its scalability, it can be adapted to the services you require. All processes are monitored, so irregularities are immediately visible. The ROQQIO solution eliminates the interface chaos, it ensures transparency and stable processes.

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Any number of touchpoints - quick scaling

Different sales channels or touchpoints require different preparation of the product data. Manage all touchpoints with our e-commerce solution so that you don't have to log into each sales channel individually and adjust your data. Our cloud-based software homogenises the data.

In this way, each touchpoint receives the necessary information in the required format. And when it comes to ordering, we also ensure that every order always looks the same for your system, regardless of which touchpoint it comes from. This saves you valuable time in daily handling and you can also connect new channels more quickly.

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Already integrated: our warehouse management system

Our e-commerce solution includes a warehouse management system that simplifies many logistical processes for you. We enable you to carry out paperless picking and mobile data collection using an MDE device. In addition, our system supports route-optimized order picking.

This saves time, money and is kind to the environment. Do you have several warehouses that need to be mapped? No problem, our system is multi-storage capable. And if you have your own warehouse management system, we can easily integrate it.

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Channel Specific Product Data

Preparing and displaying all relevant product data for every touchpoint is still one of the biggest challenges in online retail. Our e-commerce PIM can help here. It enables you to import data from various sources.

So you can manage all article data with attributes, e.g. color, size, prices, with associated images, delivery times, stock levels, etc. in just one place. And even in different languages. Because you can prepare, adapt and change all data individually for each channel. If you would like to use your own PIM system, we will take the data from it and handle the order management and shipping.

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Completion of the customer journey

You want to avoid returns, but they happen again and again. So how can the return experience have a positive impact on customer retention? By making this process run smoothly and quickly for the customer!

In the case of a return, it is not just the reverse processing of the order that plays a role. Payment and, if necessary, settlement with new orders must also be carried out smoothly. This should be accompanied by transparent and timely communication with the customer. Our customer communication tool gives you access to all the necessary data. Whether it's a complaint or complaint, you will find a quick and uncomplicated solution for your customer.


Sales channels / Touchpoints


Lots of touchpoints - consistent data

It is technically complex to use many sales channels. So e.g. For example, each marketplace has its own data format specifications and each touchpoint returns incoming orders in its own format. We harmonize the data and thus make it easier for you to administer and process the information. Regardless of where the online orders come from, they are always transferred in the same format.

The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud simplifies the processing of all order data in other systems, such as in ERP or in accounting. Configure each sales channel individually and scale if necessary. We support you!

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Complex becomes simple

Many system landscapes have been expanded over the years and have now reached an enormous level of complexity. The large number of different interfaces that connect all systems with each other makes this landscape confusing and prone to errors. Well-networked omnichannel business processes are therefore difficult to implement. With our e-commerce solution, however, you do not have to intervene in this existing IT or even replace it. Because we decouple the existing IT from e-commerce. The ROQQIO solution simplifies your system landscape, reduces interfaces and combines all relevant e-commerce systems in a clear manner.

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Your benefits

Quick time to market
Time Saver

At a glance

Highlights at a glance

  • Full integration into existing infrastructure
  • Central management of all product data, processed channel-specifically
  • Connection of any number of retailers, branches or third party suppliers
  • Smart order routing
  • Automatically controlled processes
  • Reporting for transparency and oversight
  • Scalable and highly available SAAS application
  • Real Time API
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Avoid this

Double Listing
Sold out Items
Manual Intervention
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It quickly became clear to our project team that we could only achieve the desired flexibility of our online first and omnichannel logic with ROQQIO.


Marcus Diekmann

Partner and active advisory board member at ROSE Bikes

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