26 January 2019
  • 1 Influencer - Jennifer Casimiro
  • 2 About Jennifer Casimoro

Influencer - Jennifer Casimiro

Every week the beautiful Jennifer Casimiro from Hamburg receives several parcels. They contain wide jackets, blazers, pantsuits. These are her ingredients for a great outfit. We asked the professional blogger about her shopping habits.

Jenny, you make a living out of showing fashion. Do you shop online or offline?

Jenny: I mostly shop online. First, because I'm then not dependent on store opening hours. I can also search online for specific product goods, such as coats or shoes, by means of filters.

Do you also use online stores as inspiration for new outfits?

Jenny: Inspiration can be anything that I perceive: advertising, social media - or I'll talk to a stranger on the street and ask her where she got her coat from, for example. I may still look at an online shop’s homepage. But I don’t browse online because I only have limited patience.

Do you also target a particular item in the stationary store?

Jenny: The store has an overview of the whole range. I roam through all departments on all floors there. Even if I'm only looking for a specific part. I won’t just buy the coat; I’ll buy the trousers as well. Then I’ll possibly go to the next store for shoe shopping. I buy a bit too much in stores. If I explicitly want to go shopping in town, before or after an appointment, I limit my time budget from the outset.

Do you order something online to try on in the shop?

Jenny: A friend of mine does a lot because she works in Hamburg but lives outside. It's the most convenient thing for them to do. I don’t do that. I read the composition of materials online, so I already know how it feels, and order directly. I do not order anything in the store if my size is not there. It’s quicker to do this on my mobile phone, because I don’t have much to enter.

Where do you shop when you travel?

Jenny: I'm always looking for vintage stores in other towns. Abroad, I'm mainly looking for things you can’t get here. I try to find something traditional there. For example, I bought a blanket in Mexico that I use as a scarf and bought myself some traditional Portuguese clogs from Portugal.

If you had your own label - would you rather open a boutique or an online store?

Jenny: That depends on the target group. I think boutiques are beautiful if they have a clear and lovingly selected range. An online shop would have to be like that, too. It is important that you also reach those customers who are unable to get into town.

About Jennifer Casimoro

Jennifer Casimoro is a blogger and influencer with well over 42,000 followers on instagram. The native from portugal finances her studies in clothing, technology & management in Hamburg with events and collaborations. She showcases her oversized style and layering look, for example, on instagram: Jennifer Camimiro: @fashionindividual #fashionindividual


Doris Rasch

Doris Rasch is a PR editor and has been writing articles for companies in the service sector for 20 years. For ROQQIO, the trained journalist regularly researches and writes texts on questions of technological support in retail.

  • 1 Influencer - Jennifer Casimiro
  • 2 About Jennifer Casimoro
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