26 February 2019
  • 1 Purchase orders as if by magic
  • 2 Real salepeople in the online shop 
  • 3 A good position for a good rest 
  • 4 About Matratzen Concord

Purchase orders as if by magic

Employees of the mattress specialist's branches don’t have any sleepless nights, because purchase orders come through to the POS without there even being a customer in the shop. This is done by an algorithm that selects the right branch based on its location. The employee then gets the goods ready to be transported by a logistician or picked up. Thus, the customer can choose between pick-up in the branch and direct delivery.

Real salepeople in the online shop 

The use of the ‘eF|CommerceEngine’ shows that companies with a large dealer network do not have to suffer from digitisation. Visibility in the area and the expertise of the dealer can be an advantage in online trading. The online salespeople are real shop sellers of Matratzen Concord, who log into the online shop from the sales area and become part of a large network of consultants. Online ‘real salespeople’ react directly to customer enquiries and requirements.

A good position for a good rest 

In the infrastructure, the engine serves as a central hub for all sales-relevant data such as articles, prices, stocks and orders. It not only controls the exchange between the online shop and the internal order, dispatch and payment systems, but it also integrates the branches into defined order and logistics processes. The connection to the existing POS systems was also unproblematic in this case.

The haptic product experience in the sales areas of Matratzen Concord is the test bed; an essential criteria for many customers when purchasing a mattress. The omnichannel provider makes use of this competitive advantage and plays this card using the ‘eF|CommerceEngine’. This results in reciprocal synergies between the sales experience in the markets and e-commerce.

About Matratzen Concord

  • Products: Mattresses, box-spring beds, slatted frames, sheets, pillows + blankets
  • Brands: Vitalis, Schlaraffia and MioDormio, Concord, Karlsson, MLine
  • Managing Director: Dario Marotta
  • Headquarter: Köln
  • DACH branches: 850
  • Total employees: 1.939
  • www.matratzen-concord.de

Profile image Till Konstanty

Till Konstanty

After his studies Till Konstanty worked as a reporter for WDR television in Cologne. He founded his media office in Düsseldorf in 1997 and worked as a freelance author for Handelsblatt and various trade publications: www.kontant.de

  • 1 Purchase orders as if by magic
  • 2 Real salepeople in the online shop 
  • 3 A good position for a good rest 
  • 4 About Matratzen Concord
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