31 January 2019
  • 1 Fashion Vielfalt zentral gesteuert
  • 2 Focus on the customer
  • 3 Supply branches better
  • 4 Benefit from online technology
  • 5 About Leinweber GmbH & CO. KG

Fashion Vielfalt zentral gesteuert

Move nine million fashion items every year and always let the fashion-conscious customers know where he gets what: Leineweber GmbH & Co. KG in Herford, known under the label BRAX FEEL GOOD, can!

Focus on the customer

“The end customer, who we want to inspire with our products, is always the focus of what we do,” says the fashion group’s sustainability report. And this, according to Corporate Responsibility Officer Alissa Sekulic, also applies to the sustainable alignment of processes in the company. This is also very practical at BRAX in the area of IT. BRAX got the software provider Futura Retail Solutions GmbH on board for its conversion to thoroughly modernised retail processes. The new solutions not only ensure the automated distribution of goods to BRAX's growing branch network. In addition, online technology at the POS brings the shopping experience in the branches up to the latest technological standards.

Supply branches better

“Futura is an innovative software that not only enables us to operate efficiently and in a customer-oriented way, but also generates enormous profits in the area of process optimisation,” says BRAX company spokesman Marc Freyberg. The first installation of the new merchandise management and POS software took place in the summer of 2018. Starting in the label’s Polish branch, the new retail software was rolled out throughout Europe in more than 94 of its own BRAX branches. Futura's ERP system enables the automation of process chains in the background, optimising item availability. And this is the case on all sales channels and in all branches, including the online shop. As an inventory-management system, the ERP system knows all the data. At the same time, the system creates the conditions for improved online networking. Inventories can be easily queried through all branches.

Benefit from online technology

A travelling BRAXCLUB member, for example, could start their shopping in Düsseldorf and, after arriving in Frankfurt on the same day, seek advice on a colour-matched accessory based on their customer history. Futura's POS system compares all data in real time via a webservice. For this purpose, BRAX stores the customer data centrally and in compliance with data protection.

After connecting the stationary branches, BRAX-IT plans to connect the 18 online platforms on which the fashion company is present. Futura4Retail is replacing the previous software and will, in future, map together all distribution channels in the BRAX retail trade. Futura's software, which specialises in the textile trade, enables extensive evaluation and offers sophisticated planning aids.

BRAX customers will soon tangibly benefit from the processes in the background. The introduction of digital sales help is already on the programme. Here, the mobile tool Futura4SalesAssistant will be used. Not only will this make all stocks and availabilities transparent across all channels to the sales advisors. BRAX customers will also know where to get what.

About Leinweber GmbH & CO. KG

  • International fashion label BRAX
  • Headquarters: D-32051 Herford
  • CEO: Stefan Brandmann
  • Over 100 stores worldwide, approx. 1,800 areas, 20 Factory Outlets
  • Over 1,200 employees
  • Online store: www.brax.com

Doris Rasch

Doris Rasch is a PR editor and has been writing articles for companies in the service sector for 20 years. For ROQQIO, the trained journalist regularly researches and writes texts on questions of technological support in retail.

  • 1 Fashion Vielfalt zentral gesteuert
  • 2 Focus on the customer
  • 3 Supply branches better
  • 4 Benefit from online technology
  • 5 About Leinweber GmbH & CO. KG
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