28 January 2019
  • 1 25hours Hotel - all customer are already here
  • 2 Many stories, one system
  • 3 A warehouse for all
  • 4 Desired distribution channel
  • 5 About 25hours Hotels

In the 25hours hotel shops, guests become customers. The sales of cuddly sleeping monkeys, natural cosmetics or high quality illustrated books benefit from the good capacity utilisation of the designer feel-good hotels. The hotel management brought André Gerber, a retail specialist, into the team, who is expanding their individual offer
to guests.

25hours Hotel - all customer are already here

It actually begins with each of the 25hours hotels having their own style and dynamics. Gerber: “This is something like the DNA of hotels. Each is a place where you feel comfortable - almost home. Each hotel is different, each one tells a different story.” For example, the well-known ‘Bikini Hotel’, neighbour to the Zoological Garden in Berlin, in big-city jungle style, or the Düsseldorf ‘Das Tour Hotel’ with its Parisian flair and view over the city. In keeping with the current appearance of the 12 hotels so far, Gerber and his team are expanding their very individual product range: “All things tell a story, which in turn relates to the hotel.”

Many stories, one system

Where did you get this rug, where can you find these lamps? - Already in the early days of the hotel, these enquiries from the guests led us to put aside an area for the sale of goods, says Gerber. The current hotel shops now occupy 20 to 100 square metres. Certain items are only available locally. A basic repertoire, which includes ‘stop the water while using me’ branded shampoos and the trendy ‘Schindelhauer’ bikes, is not only available in all hotels for the guests, but is also available in the online store. When Gerber, who has been retailing for 20 years, was commissioned to expand the 25hours shops, he knew that adding an exciting range of products would not be enough. 

Gerber: “An IT system is behind even the most beautiful of stories. We need the software from Futura to manage all the areas, to manage the item data of the online warehouse and to perform the central controlling.”

A warehouse for all

In Hamburg, the birthplace of 25hours Hotels, the Futura4Retail merchandise management system ensures that the elegant accessories from the central warehouse find their way into the design hotels and also into the 25hours online store "Things" via the connected logistics. The most important sales items are maintained via the online store. Product availability is reliably ensured through automated reordering. A hotel can now be a customer in its own system and make use of the core range. The item data, from the EAN (item number) on the illustration and the product description to the price, feed the hamburgers. At the hotels on site, label printers deliver the right labels via the POS systems connected online to the merchandise management system. Voilà!

Desired distribution channel

In Düsseldorf, guests can now already pay for their souvenirs at the Futura4POS online POS. The locations Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Vienna and Zurich will follow. Incidentally, guests can order the desired item directly to their room. Gerber, always on the lookout for special things, is increasingly receiving enquiries from manufacturers: “The 25hours hotel shops are developing into a very interesting marketing and distribution channel.” And that's no wonder. For where in the world does a customer stay longer than ‘25 hours’ per day?

About 25hours Hotels

  • Founded: 2005
  • Founders: Stephan Gerhard, Ardi Goldman, Christoph Hoffmann, Kai Hollmann
  • Strategy partner since 2016: Accor Hotels
  • 12 hotels and shops in DACH, 1 in Paris
  • From 2020: Florence, Dubai
  • Online store with Birkenstock, Sennheiser, Eat Dust, Klean Kanteen and many more
  • 350 to 500 items, changing product range
  • www.25hours-things.com

Doris Rasch

Doris Rasch is a PR editor and has been writing articles for companies in the service sector for 20 years. For ROQQIO, the trained journalist regularly researches and writes texts on questions of technological support in retail.

  • 1 25hours Hotel - all customer are already here
  • 2 Many stories, one system
  • 3 A warehouse for all
  • 4 Desired distribution channel
  • 5 About 25hours Hotels
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