02 November 2020
  • 1 Digital agenda with customer focus
  • 2 How does the manufacturer become a platform?
  • 3 Individual back-end processes with the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud

The Omnichannel dealer ROSE Bikes becomes a sales platform. This gives customers access to a much wider, but carefully selected, range of bicycle-related products. And manufacturers benefit from a strong partner that offers them a considerable reach. The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud works in the background to ensure that everything runs smoothly. ROQQIO Managing Director Mario Raatz explains how.

Digital agenda with customer focus

Sales platforms are on trend. The traditional company ROSE Bikes, once a small specialist bicycle dealer and now an internationally successful omnichannel dealer, has also integrated a platform model into its business strategy. The focus is clearly on the customer and services: ROSE wants to offer a smooth shopping experience and become the No. 1 in cycling and bike lifestyle. The company is supported by the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud, the powerful SaaS application for omnichannel retailing, which automates and standardizes all relevant e-business processes and connects them to the systems of stationary retailing, thus enabling flexible end-customer processes.

How does the manufacturer become a platform?

In the future, ROSE will not only sell its own bikes and accessories, but will also broaden its overall range of products. There will be curated accessories and special bicycles on the platform that ROSE does not manufacture itself, for example children's bicycles.

The company will thus act as a connector between manufacturers, suppliers and consumers in future. The aim is to provide customers with the most comprehensive, seamless shopping experience possible when it comes to bikes, with an expanded service offering, optimized delivery conditions and a wide product range under top conditions – after all, the elimination of middlemen means that the trade margins for manufacturers are significantly higher, resulting in more favourable end-customer prices on the platform. The manufacturers, in turn, benefit from direct access to 15 million customers, a fast time-to-market and various services. They themselves do not need e-commerce know-how. In return, ROSE receives a sales commission, not the usual trading margin.

Individual back-end processes with the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud

The further development of ROSE into a platform brings with it several challenges and complex processes. Because: As an Omnichannel retailer, ROSE will not only continue to drive the merging of its online and offline channels and the strengthening of its own brand, but must also open its ecosystem to other manufacturers and suppliers and integrate them into the platform. Since each manufacturer works with its own systems, this brings with it individual requirements. ROSE achieves the necessary flexibility and speed with ROQQIO's SaaS application. Manufacturers and suppliers can be connected quickly and easily. The ROQQIO software also takes over the administration and processing of all order, dispatch and logistics processes as a central element.

In a first step, ROQQIO has already supported the bicycle manufacturer in gradually modernising its system architecture and then enabled the replacement of the outdated ERP system – while the system was still in operation. In future, the new ERP will take over the processes related to production and procurement. All processes aimed at end customers, such as data supply to sales channels, order management or payment, are mapped by the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud. The Commerce Cloud also enables the flexible connection and integration into processes of third-party software that is suitable for a wide range of specialist areas in accordance with the best-of-breed approach.

The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud also supports the new ROSE platform in terms of user experience, as the central administration and channel-specific presentation of all data can be experienced in the front-end. And thanks to the seamless storage of all order-relevant data, customer service obtains maximum transparency regarding the customer and his activities, thus increasing service quality – across all channels.

The result: ROSE can keep pace with innovations in digital commerce and develop its business model fluently. Or, as ROSE managing director Marcus Diekmann put it during an appointment: "This is exactly our vision of our IT."

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This article was written by the ROQQIO editorial staff. 


  • 1 Digital agenda with customer focus
  • 2 How does the manufacturer become a platform?
  • 3 Individual back-end processes with the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud
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