26 January 2019
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Eight years ago, Keller Sports decided to automate its e-business processes and manage all distribution channels in one solution. With the eF|CommerceEngine, the choice fell on a system that takes into account the further development of corporate IT right from the start. CommerceEngine is a cloud-based e-business solution. It can be connected to other third-party systems via the extensive API (application programming interface) without much adaptation.

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For example, the iPad POS system from Keller Sports itself was subsequently fully integrated into the eF|CommerceEngine. Item, customer or inventory data is exchanged synchronously via the API. Cost and effort were low: Within two months, Keller Sports networked the systems with each other via the API calls provided by the eF|CommerceEngine. Thus, the customer e.g. in the store in Munich can pick up the goods he ordered from the online store and pay directly. He can also order at the store and have the items delivered to his home. As the systems commu-nicate in real time, there are no process breaks. Thus, Com¬merceEngine has further reduced Keller Sports’ administration effort.

About KELLER Sports GMBH

  • Sports and lifestyle products, more than 120 Premium brands
  • Managing Directors: Moritz Keller, Jakob Keller, 
  • Florian Otte and Marcus Trute, Headquarters: Munich
  • Founded in 2005 
  • Live Events in the Brand Experience Store and Cellar Sports Guide 
  • Online platforms: Keller Sports and Keller x 
  • Keller Sports Store: Keller Studios throughout Germany in versatile sports venues
  • Website: www.keller-sports.de


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  • 1 Open for more
  • 2 About KELLER Sports GMBH
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