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Modernized payment process

Lots of people are talking about it, Markus Wahl is getting down to business: The managing director of the Männer-Mode-Haus in Ertingen is modernizing the payment process. It brings the ROQQIO Instore App to the store via iPad mini and relieves the central checkout. With the app, the sales staff can record customer data and the items they have selected while they are still on the sales floor. The pure exchange of money for goods then takes place at the checkout.

Managing Director Markus Wahl is known for his affinity for technology and innovative spirit. In 2021, the fashion house, which he runs together with his wife, was the first company from Baden-Württemberg to be recognized by the German Trade Association. With the ROQQIO Instore App, the entrepreneur takes another step forward. His next goal is to make paying a quick side issue and to use the entire store as a relaxed place to sell. Similar to the Apple Store, the team of style and fashion consultants should support customers over the entire 1,000 square meters with the app on the mini tablets. "You can only find your way to the customer through such services," says Wahl.



[...] The customer chooses pants and belt, for example, while we can use the app to record their data, scan the items, neatly fold the clothes and when the customer is at the checkout, they only have to say how called.


Markus Wahl

Managing Director Männer-Mode-Haus Wahl

ROQQIO Instore App

The ROQQIO Instore App is a tool that can be used with Android and iOS or Windows systems and supports a wide range of tasks in the branches. These include goods receipt, supplier returns and price changes, complete inventories or online reservations with click & collect or reserve. The new standard function of the Roqqio Instore App is used in the Wahl fashion store, with which article codes are scanned directly via the smartphone or tablet camera and the article information is stored in the shopping cart of the customer concerned, as with an online order . The pre-recorded data is sent directly to the cash register, where the only thing left to do is collect.

The "organization of the queue", which according to current surveys by the EHI Retail Institute is an important goal for many retailers, is already regulated by Wahl. This avoids customers having to wait patiently in line until they can next hand over their selected garments so that the cashier can find and scan all the tags. Wahl: “We can take care of that in advance, because you often have time to breathe during the sales pitch. For example, the customer chooses pants and belt, meanwhile we can already use the app to record their data, scan the items, fold the clothes neatly and when the customer is at the checkout, all they have to do is say their name.”

Collection of Customer Data
Mobile Checkout
App for Adnroid, iOS & Windows

Less checkout zone, more customer loyalty

With the use of mobile devices around the checkout process, the Ertingen entrepreneur is in line with the trend: According to the current study by the EHI "POS Systems 2022, Evolution of the Checkout", "the use of mobile devices with a cash register function and the use of self-checkout - and self-scanning systems (introduction, optimization) [...] as the most important fields of action at the POS."

A goal that, according to Markus Wahl’s observations, also coincides with changed customer expectations: “Society has become highly digitized. Gone are the days when children's or grandchildren's used devices ended up with their parents or grandparents. Our customers have upgraded their technology and use the latest smartphones and various apps.” His customers react accordingly openly when contact details are entered or completed with a few clicks on the tablet screen.


ROQQIO Systems used

Goods receipt and inventories made easy

With the ROQQIO instore app, your sales staff can immediately enter the delivery note number, select suppliers and enter barcodes and quantities. Inventories are also made easier because your employees can capture location barcodes with a smartphone camera or an additional scanner module. The ROQQIO Instore App supports other business processes, including customer registration, stock transfers and orders as well as price changes.

Flexible advice and mobile checkout

Happy customers who save going to the checkout and waiting in line: With the ROQQIO instore app, the sales employee calls the checkout module on his after successful customer consultation tablet up. As with online purchases, the customer places the selected items in the shopping cart and pays without cash.

Points with Click & Reserve

With the Click & Reserve option, you enable your customers to reserve items online in the store and then buy them on the spot, by viewing or trying them on. The availability of goods is secured for your customers.


Benefits of the app

  • Multifunctional: Advising, cashing in, navigating branch processes
  • Customer-friendly: Avoid queues at the POS
  • Compatible: Runs on iOS, Android and Windows
  • Secure: GDPR compliant

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Familiarize employees with technology

Wahl wants to give its employees the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new service, especially in the current period of low customer frequency. It is true that people at Wahl are used to dealing with technology. Because it begins, for example, with access to the building, for which a digital key is required. However, to ensure that the new app is also easy to use, all sales employees are given their own personal service device. And until the store is full again, there is still time to optimize the new service in the area. And most, according to Wahl, are already “happy” with this type of customer registration.

About men's fashion house choice

  • Clothing store G. Wahl GmbH, Riedlinger Str. 28, 88521 Ertingen
  • Fashion for men on 1000 square meters
  • Managing Directors: Brigitte and Markus Wahl
  • Brands: BOSS, bugatti, REPLAY, ETERNA, Gabba, Pierre Cardin, OLYMP, LLOYD, BENVENUTO Roy Robson and many more. m.
  • Online presence:
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