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Well-planned technology change

Modernization of the cash register system

The Swiss fashion retailer Bollag-Guggenheim Fashion Group operates mono and multi-brand stores throughout Switzerland and, as a wholesaler and retailer, is one of the country's most important fashion companies. When the transition to a more modern POS system was imminent in his fourteen branches, ongoing operations were to be affected as little as possible. The example shows how the joint strategic preparatory work with the technology partner facilitates a system change and how fashion retailers benefit from the latest retail technology.

The Bollag-Guggenheim Fashion Group stands for selected branded fashion and imports international brands exclusively for Switzerland. In the heart of Zurich, she runs the elegant multi-brand concept store "The Gallery" - one of a total of fourteen of her own stores, including eight Marc O'Polo, one closed, two multi-brand concepts and three outlets. The traditional company has been a constant in the Swiss fashion world for 70 years and has been a customer of ROQQIO for fifteen years when it comes to retail technology, then still "Futura Horgen". When it was announced that the POS system used in the company's own branches would no longer be technologically developed and maintained, the goal was to position itself for the future in the event of a system change and to influence ongoing sales operations as little as possible through a changeover. The management decided to continue on the path with ROQQIO - and planned the changeover for the beginning of March 2020. "It was important to us that we keep ROQQIO as a provider and contact for merchandise management and POS solutions in a demanding economic environment in order to continue to benefit from the to benefit from the already well-functioning cooperation," says company CFO Gaby Vock.

Start with an intensive workshop

After an intensive workshop with the project managers on both sides, the procedure was also clear: The start of the renewal of the retail technology was the switch to a current version of the SQL database, on the basis of which the new merchandise management and cash register system will also be operated. As the inventory management system, ROQQIO installed the latest version of the ROQQIO merchandise management system. Because the new cash register should also access the merchandise management system again and thus access goods movements and stock levels, sales or customer data. The POS hardware was also upgraded and new models with more RAM were purchased.

Then came the actual change to the ROQQIO POS cash register software. The functions and configuration options of the new POS system had already been presented to the Bollag-Guggenheim management in the workshop. The advantages of the omnichannel checkout compared to its fifteen-year-old predecessor were discussed, and Bollag-Guggenheim decided which new functions the company wanted to activate and use in its future checkout and which not. For example, the new option of sending customers a sales receipt by e-mail should be used. The company has also had another possible standard of cash register software adapted for itself: the sales staff at Bollag-Guggenheim should be entitled to give a small discount at the cash register. If a customer believes that they are entitled to a higher discount, or if the sales employee believes this, the branch management is called in. This can enable a higher discount with their password - but also up to a fixed upper limit.


Used ROQQIO Systems


Clear and intuitive

Can be operated with clear symbols and with just a few clicks: The ROQQIO POS software optimizes and accelerates POS processes and makes employees and customers happy. Central management automatically synchronizes all changes in the system. You can use live monitoring to check whether the innovations have really arrived in all branches. To manage your employees and protect the system, there is a custom permissions system.

Your customers in focus

The ROQQIO POS software also tells you who your customer is and what he has already bought in other branches. The course is set for omnichannel, because the software provides real-time data - important for connecting a web shop. Other features include managing gift cards, vouchers, couponing, and loyalty systems. Perfect for customer loyalty!
Another plus of the ROQQIO POS is the variety of connected payment service providers.

Legally compliant and certified

The ROQQIO POS software is certified by the Institute of Public Auditors (IDW). In addition, our cash register software conforms to the cash register security regulation and can connect the technical security device (TSE).

Benefits of the POS software

  • Cross-industry: Use everywhere in retail (non-food), whether in one or hundreds of branches
  • International: Expand worldwide with different languages, currencies and fiscalizations
  • Customer-centric: Retain customers with gift cards, vouchers, couponing and loyalty systems

Request a demo

Smooth rollout

Based on such user requests, ROQQIO configures a test register. The Bollag-Guggenheim team, consisting of the IT manager, the retail manager and two branch managers, runs through all sales and checkout processes intensively and collects the experiences as feedback for the ROQQIO project manager. With the help of this feedback, ROQQIO can revise the system so that there are no longer any major complaints with the test system in the next run. Therefore, the test run and the user training are carried out simultaneously on the second POS prototype according to the train-the-trainer model. This has the advantage that the time planned for the second test phase is used twice and the training effort is reduced. Upon completion of the training, a smooth system rollout will occur.

Gaby Vock: “Our joint, structured preparatory work has paid off. We had great support from the project manager Andreas Fritschi. And the system change to ROQQIO POS worked smoothly on the key date. Within two weeks we were able to replace the cash register hardware, train the employees and carry out the software changeover in all fourteen branches two days before the lockdown.”

In addition, Bollag-Guggenheim also opted for the ROQQIO Dashboard as part of the system change, in order to be able to access the company data online and on the move. In this way, the key figures for all branches are available live at any time, in an attractive format. Overall, Bollag-Guggenheim is satisfied with the IT modernization. Gaby Vock:

"The new POS software is easy and clear to use, and it was very easy for the employees to get back to work, even after the eight-week unwanted break caused by the lockdown. The solution offers store managers good evaluation options and enables team members to set up clearly structured role assignments and authorizations.”

The new POS software is easy and clear to use, and it was very easy for employees to get back into work, even after the eight-week unwanted break caused by the lockdown. The solution offers store managers good evaluation options and enables team members to set up clearly structured role assignments and authorizations.

Gaby Vock


About Bollag Guggenheim AG

  • Registered office: Glattpark, Switzerland
  • Management: Peder Casanova, Romano Maspero, Gaby Vock
  • Employees: 120
  • Branches: 20 Marc O'Polo monobrand stores spread across Switzerland, 12 of which with franchise partners in Basel, Chur, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Winterthur and Zurich, among others.
       1 monobrand store CLOSED in Zurich,
       2 multi-brand stores "The Gallery" in Spreitenbach, Shoppi Tivoli and Zurich,
       3 outlets (from Marc O'Polo and The Gallery) in Aubonne, Landquart and Schönenwerd
  • Outlets: Marc O'Polo Outlet, Aubonne
       The Gallery Outlet, Landquart
       The Gallery Outlet, Schönenwerd
  • Brands: Closed, Coccinelle, Fracomina, G-LAB, Guess, iBlues, iHeart, Mackage, Marco O'Polo, More & More and YAYA
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