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Thumbs up for customer satisfaction at Living Stars, 97% positive votes on the rating portal eKomi speak for themselves. However, amidst the positive online response, one customer is disappointed: When ordering in the company's online shop, two existing sets of bed linen were displayed, but he only received one. In fact, this time the team around store manager Dana Melchers did not succeed in making up for the system error by quickly reordering from the manufacturer or partners. "In the past, there were always double sales because our inventory management system only updated the stock overnight." Because the online shop at Livingstars uses the 670 square meters of retail space, items from the range could be sold at the till in one day and at the same time offered in the online shop. "That really depressed us," regrets the committed branch manager.


Online shop helped during lockdown

Living Stars offers 7,000 items, from decorative pillows to terry goods, bed linen and mattresses. The house was once a branch of the Bad Hersfeld fashion retail group Sauer, which was sold in 2015 with its other locations in Homberg, Neukirchen, Eschwege and Schwalmstadt, after the ninth generation of family ownership. However, the previous owner and Managing Director of Living Stars, Martin Knauff, wanted to continue to personally take care of the Living Stars branch and offer customers the advantages of online and stationary sales. The branch had already ventured online with a partial range since 2012. Most recently, around a third of sales have already been generated via the successor online shop. And the shop was always helpful during the corona crisis: “The shop was reassuring in lockdown. Although the shop orders did not increase immediately, we still had sales, customer contact was kept alive and we were able to work with social media and the hotline. In the course of the lockdown, sales through the shop increased," reports Melchers.

The shop has been reassuring in lockdown. Although the shop orders did not increase immediately, we still had sales, customer contact was kept alive and we were able to work with social media and the hotline. In the course of the lockdown, sales through the shop increased.


Dana Melchers

Store Manager

Current data for all channels

The stock management system still came from the Sauer times. At least since the decision to connect the independent Living Stars to other marketplaces, new systems have become necessary. Melchers: "You can hardly afford double sales in your own shop, and certainly not in marketplaces like Amazon or Otto". The new inventory management and POS system from ROQQIO was introduced in February 2020. "After the inventory, so that it is up to date," says Melchers. "And the transfer of the old data went well". The goal of sending current data to the web shop in the future has been achieved with the system changeover. The ROQQIO inventory management now automatically transmits the stock levels to the online shop and the marketplaces via web service. Living Stars can decide for itself how often the data is updated. “We can now update the inventory within 15 minutes. In terms of technology, that would also be possible more closely, but we also have to take into account the order intervals of the platforms.

Avoidance of double sales
Automatic stock balance across all touch points
Connection to marketplaces

ROQQIO Systems used

Like your right hand

With ROQQIO merchandise management, you benefit from a thinking system. Whether it's a question of rearrangements, price changes or repeat orders: the goods control makes suggestions. And when planning new purchases, you can stay within the limit much more easily with the help of comparison periods. Plus: With the dashboard of our integrated business intelligence tool ROQQIO BI, you always have an overview of all company data and receive analyzes in real time.

Automated reminders

The ROQQIO merchandise management supports your work with event management. The system recognizes unplanned situations and notifies you of them. This way you keep your head free — for the important things.


use real time

With ROQQIO merchandise management, you can manage millions of items and track where they are going. Also connect the web shop. You can also use the real-time connection for other systems that you want to link to ROQQIO Retail.

Benefits of merchandise management

  • Ready for Omnichannel: Connect web shops via a universal web shopinterface
  • Fast: Use the electronic data exchange EDI and save additional time
  • Available: Relocate to fast-moving branches with goods control
  • Present: Current data is available to you in the dashboard, both stationary and mobile, including informative graphics

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Clear and intuitive

Can be operated with clear symbols and with just a few clicks: The ROQQIO POS software optimizes and accelerates POS processes and makes employees and customers happy. Central management automatically synchronizes all changes in the system. You can use live monitoring to check whether the innovations have really arrived in all branches. To manage your employees and protect the system, there is a custom permissions system.

Your customers in focus

The ROQQIO POS software also tells you who your customer is and what he has already bought in other branches. The course is set for omnichannel, because the software provides real-time data - important for connecting a web shop. Other features include managing gift cards, vouchers, couponing, and loyalty systems. Perfect for customer loyalty!
Another plus of the ROQQIO POS is the variety of connected payment service providers.

Legally compliant and certified

The ROQQIO POS software is certified by the Institute of Public Auditors (IDW). In addition, our cash register software conforms to the cash register security regulation and can connect the technical security device (TSE).

Benefits of the POS software

  • Cross-industry: Use everywhere in retail (non-food), whether in one or hundreds of branches
  • International: Expand worldwide with different languages, currencies and fiscalizations
  • Customer-centric: Retain customers with gift cards, vouchers, couponing and loyalty systems

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give more detailed information

There is also more convenience for customers in the shop in Bad Hersfeld, where ten employees work from labeling to advice-intensive sales. The knowledge of human nature and the product know-how of the employees is now also enriched at the ROQQIO POS by the available customer data. Melchers: "The customer only has to tell us his name, then we can find his customer card data. What is also new is that we can carry out an inventory query at the checkout and give the customer information. That is also a nice advantage.”

The company has relaunched the online shop for the connection to Otto.de, the product worlds are presented on livingstars.de in a modern tile look. In the long term, they now want to reflect the entire range of the store online. Because there will be no more additional effort and customer dissatisfaction due to double sales in the future. Dana Melchers is also satisfied: "The best thing about the ROQQIO software is the live data. You can actually put that above everything.”

The best thing about the ROQQIO software is the live data. You can actually put that above everything.


Dana Melchers

Store Manager

Über Livingstars

  • Headquarters: Bad Hersfeld (Hesse)
  • Management: Martin Knauff
  • Assortment: home textiles, 7,000 items, 50 suppliers
  • Online shop: www.livingstars.de
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