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As ROQQIO Commerce Solutions, eFulfilment Transaction Services, Futura Retail Solutions and Höltl Retail Solutions pursue common goals. How does the management describe the merger?

An interview with Vanjo Wandscher, Johannes Schick and Mario Raatz

Why are these three companies joined forces?

Johannes Schick: Developing smart, innovative, cross-process solutions for omnichannel concepts is best done in a network. There may be some overlaps in the product range of the companies involved. But both our customers and ourselves will especially benefit from the synergies, which include quicker implementation of strong omnichannel solutions.

Vanjo Wandscher: The trading world is in the midst of major change! End customers expect simple and consistent purchasing processes, which in turn pose a challenge for the dealers facing complex processes. As a solution provider, we can only master this omnichannel complexity with in-depth industry expertise and modern products.

Mario Raatz: As an e-commerce backend software provider, we see great potential in integrating our many years of expertise in the omnichannel concepts of retail and industrial customers. On the other hand, we get to benefit from the extensive industry knowledge our new colleagues in the fashion and lifestyle segment have and can take these into account when developing our solution. We currently see a big driver in the platform business: On the one hand, that manufacturers and brands want to sell their products in proven marketplaces; and on the other hand, that these companies also become marketplaces themselves because of their own brand awareness. In combination with classic omnichannel requirements, this represents the ultimate discipline in terms of order management and logistics. And that's exactly what we can offer the right solutions for.

Is ROQQIO a vision, a plan or a product?

Vanjo Wandscher:
ROQQIO is the vision of a universal omnichannel solution as a standard for medium-sized businesses.


Johannes Schick:
A vision that is already a partial reality. We have set out to live this vision.


How can we imagine the collaboration of eFulfilment, höltl and Futura?

Vanjo Wandscher: First, the strategies of the three companies involved were combined into a common strategy. Certain tasks such as accounting and human resources are already pooled in the holding company. The sales team already works together in a team across companies. All other departments regularly exchange their experiences and synchronise their goals and tasks.


Johannes Schick: At the holding level, there are regular discussions held to synchronise the strategies of the three companies involved. The combination of our products and solutions enables us to offer our customers in the retail sector new, integrated solutions. Their implementation is then simpler and more lucrative for the customer than programming a port somewhere in their system or flanging on a foreign system.

Mario Raatz: The common vision is to be the future No. 1 contact for medium-sized companies when they are busy implementing their omnichannel strategy or increasing their turnover at the POS with new technologies and services.


Are there specific responsibilities or experts for specific topics?

Johannes Schick: The companies höltl Retail Solutions and Futura Retail Solutions are contributing their offline expertise - exceptionally comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects concerning IT in the stationary retail trade. By contrast, eFulfilment Transaction Services has a wealth of experience in the field of omnichannel processes. It’s a perfect match. (General agreement)

Which products belong to ROQQIO? Can I use them individually?

Vanjo Wandscher:
ROQQIO's strategy is a unified, comprehensive omnichannel solution. Almost all modules can also be used individually and can be easily connected to other systems.

Johannes Schick: The product range includes POS software, inventory management and an online middleware platform with product information management, logistics and fulfilment solutions. It also includes a BI tool, an in-store sales app, and our BuyBye app, which enables self-checkout and brings online processes to the stationary area.

What new possibilities does this offer me merger with ROQQIO?

Vanjo Wandscher: For those over-the-counter retailers using one of our solutions, complete e-commerce processing is added as an integrated system component. The e-commerce retailers, on the other hand, benefit from our expertise in stationary retail and can simply connect shops and spaces to their system.

Johannes Schick: Together, we have development expertise that is more than just the sum of three parts. One plus one plus one is more at ROQQIO as three. The more focused the coordination of the three parties, the more customers will benefit from smart solutions from one source for offline and online processes in the future.

Mario Raatz: In addition to the e-commerce components for the omnichannel approach, we also offer the option of acting as a platform ourselves, involving trading partners and third-party suppliers in the concept.


When is the integrated omnichannel solution worthwhile for my company?

Mario Raatz: Due to the numerous “out-of-the-box" functions of our solution, the initial investment is manageable. And the monthly compensation model is revenue-based, so that the running costs are based on success and thus enable a risk-free start in the field of omnichannel or e-commerce.

Johannes Schick: An integrated omnichannel solution is urgently required in many cases. This also applies if a retail company currently does not need all conceivable omnichannel processes. But it should always be able to set up additional omni-channel functionalities and respond to new developments in the marketplace. It is about guaranteeing one's own ability to act in order to be able to seize growth opportunities.

Vanjo Wandscher: The scalability of our solution makes it worthwhile to use it, even if initially only one or a few omnichannel processes are to be implemented. The majority of our customers starts small, and then quickly start offering more products and services based on experience and customer requirements.


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